YHP laser protective glasses


Typical laser wavelength: 1064nm High Power
Light transmittance: 60%
O.D optical density: 800 – 1100nm O.D5+  1060 – 1070nm O.D7+
L-Rating (EU standard): 800 – 1100nm DIR LB5  1000 – 1070nm IR LB7


YHP laser protective glasses


Protection range: 800 – 1100nm
Applicable laser wavelength: 808nm, 980nm, 1064nm etc.,
Application areas: Semiconductor and high power ND: YAG laser protection


Typical laser wavelength: 532 & 1064nm
Light transmittance: 30%
O.D optical density: 200 – 540nm O.D6+  900 – 1100nm O.D5+
L-Rating (EU standard): 315 – 540nm DIRM LB5   
900 – 1070nm DIR LB5

GTY laser protective glasses


Protection range: 200 – 540nm & 900 – 1100nm
Applicable laser wavelength: 532nm, 1064nm etc.,
Application areas: ND: YAG and frequency doubling ND: YAG laser protection

GTY laser protective glasses


Typical laser wavelength: 755 & 808nm
Light transmittance: 45%
O.D optical density: 740 – 850nm O.D5+  780 – 830nm O.D6+
L-Rating (EU standard): 740 – 850nm DIR LB5  780 – 830nm DIR LB6

ATD laser protective glasses

Protection range: 740 – 850nm
Applicable laser wavelength: 755nm, 808nm etc.,
Application areas: Amethyst and 808 semiconductor laser protection



Our laser glasses are widely used in laser industry,laser medical treatment and laser research etc.

We provide many types of laser safety glasses, such as, ipl safety glasses, laser protective eyewear, laser safety window, etc.



Our laser glasses are widely used in laser industry,laser medical treatment and laser research etc.

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Laser Safety Glasses FRAME 33

Our career is to help our customers recognize the importance of safety in the optical field and provide the best safety work for our customers, continue to develop safer products ,make them to be protected without blind side from lasers.


Our laser glasses are widely used in laser industry,laser medical treatment and laser research etc.

laser safety glasses

How to Protect Your Eyes from Laser Damage

First, we need to understand what a laser is. The principle of the laser was discovered by the famous American physicist Albert Einstein in 1916, but it was not until 1960 that the first laser was successfully manufactured. In the 20th century, laser after atomic energy, the computer, semiconductor, human’s other major invention, known as

ATD laser protective glasses

Choose the right laser safety glasses for laser hair removal

As a laser hair removal device user, would you like to know how to choose laser safety glasses for yourself or your customers? The safest and most effective means of hair removal As one of the safest and most effective hair removal treatments, laser hair removal has been able to achieve the purpose of long-term

YHP laser protective glasses

How can I protect my eyes from IPL laser?

The use of light-based technology in dermatology has led to significant growth. There are several treatments introduces via different technologies. Most of them include Lasers and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), commonly used to quickly and correctly treat a wide range of dermal situations, such as vascular and pigmented abnormalities, facial piercings, bruises, and unwanted hair,


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