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How to Protect Your Eyes from Laser Damage

November 8, 2021

Latest company news about How to Protect Your Eyes from Laser Damage

First, we need to understand what a laser is. The principle of the laser was discovered by the famous American physicist Albert Einstein in 1916, but it was not until 1960 that the first laser was successfully manufactured. In the 20th century, laser after atomic energy, the computer, semiconductor, human’s other major invention, known as “the fastest knife”, “the most accurate ruler”, “the brightest light” and “strange laser”. The laser comes into being under the background of theoretical preparation and urgent need of production practice. As soon as it comes out, it has obtained extraordinary rapid development.


latest company news about How to Protect Your Eyes from Laser Damage  0


The development of laser makes ancient optical science and optical technology get a new life and leads to a whole new industry. The laser can make people effectively use unprecedented advanced methods and means to obtain remarkable benefits and results, thus promoting the development of productive forces. The downstream demand of China’s laser industry is mainly laser processing, optical communication, laser measurement, laser, laser components, laser medical treatment; their market share is 43.5%, 25.7%, 14.3%, 6.1%, 4.8%, 3.7%, respectively.

Use laser safety glasses to protect your eyes


a. Laser damage to eyes

Laser wavelength and eye injury. In laser injury, eye injury is the most serious. Although laser technology has been integrated into our daily life, the harm of lasers can not be ignored. The laser wavelength in visible and near-infrared light, the eye refractive medium absorption rate is low, transmission is high, and the refractive medium focusing ability (light concentration) is vital. When high intensity visible or near-infrared light enters the eye, it can pass through the refractive medium of the human eye and accumulate light on the retina. At this time, the laser energy density and power density on the retina increase to thousands or even tens of thousands of times, a large number of light energy in an instant in the retina, resulting in a rapid rise in the temperature of the retina’s photoreceptor cell layer, so that the photoreceptor cells coagulation degeneration necrosis and lose the role of photoreceptors. When the laser is concentrated on photoreceptor cells, the protein coagulation caused by overheating is irreversible damage. Once damaged, permanent blindness can result.

Different wavelengths of the laser will have other effects on the eye. Far infrared laser damage to the eye is mainly cornea; this is because this kind of wavelength of the laser is almost all absorbed by the cornea, so the cornea damage is the most serious, mainly cause keratitis and conjunctivitis, patients feel eye pain, foreign body like stimulation, fear of light, tears, eye congestion, vision decline. Far-infrared light damage should be covered to protect the eye, prevent infection, symptomatic treatment.

Uv laser damage to the eye is mainly the cornea and lens; this band of UV laser is almost all absorbed by the lens of the eye and far to the cornea absorption, which can cause lens and cornea opacity.

Lasers usually carry a laser warning label with a safety level number:

Class I/1: Usually, the beam is completely enclosed, such as in a CD or DVD player.

Class II/2: Safe under normal operating conditions. This type of equipment is usually less than 1mW in power, such as a laser designator.

Class IIIa/3R: Power usually reaches 5mW; gazing at this beam for a few seconds causes immediate retinal damage.

Class IIIb/3B: Causes immediate eye damage when exposed.

Class IV/4: Lasers can burn the skin, and even scattered laser light can cause eye and skin damage. This is when laser safety eyes are needed to protect your eyes.

b. The working principle of laser safety glasses

Laser protective goggles are a special kind of glasses that can prevent or reduce the harm of lasers to human eyes. Laser safety goggles are highly efficient and safe goggles, suitable for various lasers and Laser Pointers. This series of optical safety glasses wear comfortable, beautiful, safe, and reliable. Its optical safety performance fully meets THE EN207; laser safety glasses with absorption types, which can Omni-directional protection of specific bands of laser and strong light. Suitable for a variety of laser equipment.The visible light transmittance have 30%,50%,80% etc.. Optical density have OD5+, OD6+, OD7+ etc..

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