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What serious laser safety accidents have occurred in history

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What serious laser safety accidents have occurred in history

With the rapid development and popularization of laser technology, there have been some serious laser safety accidents due to various human negligence in the history, the following are a few examples:  

1. In 1980, the US military conducted a test of a laser weapon, during which a laser accidentally shone into the eye of a soldier, causing him permanent blindness.  It was also the world's first permanent eye injury caused by a laser.  

In 1997, when a German hospital used a laser surgery machine to perform surgery, the patient's liver was irreversibly damaged due to improper operation, and the patient eventually died.  

In 1999, a man in Orlando, Florida, USA, was shone directly into his eyes by a green laser pointer held by a friend at a dinner party, resulting in permanent retinal damage.  

4. In 2005, a man in California, USA, who pointed a laser at a police helicopter, was arrested and sentenced to five years in prison.  

In 2008, during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, a laser show accidentally shone into the eyes of spectators, causing some injuries.  

In 2010, a factory in the Netherlands used a high-power laser cutting machine for production, because the operator did not wear protective glasses, the laser directly into the eye caused him to lose his eyesight.  

In 2014, a girl in Kentucky, USA, played with a laser pointer and accidentally shone it into her eye, causing permanent retinal damage.  

These laser safety incidents remind us that although laser technology is widely used, it must be operated in strict accordance with the operating procedures, and take the necessary safety measures and wear special goggles with the corresponding protective effect and protection level to ensure personal safety.

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