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The principle of laser protective glasses

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The principle of laser protective glasses

The principle of laser protective glasses is to filter or absorb the incident laser beam through a special optical filter, thereby reducing the damage of the laser beam to the retina and cornea.  

These optical filters usually consist of one or more layers of absorbent materials, and they work by absorbing or reflecting a portion of the light energy from the incident laser beam, thereby reducing the power density of the laser beam.  In this way, after the laser beam penetrates the protective glasses, its power density will be reduced to below the safe level and will not cause damage to the eyes.  

It should be noted that different wavelengths and powers of the laser require the use of different protective glasses.  Therefore, when choosing laser protective glasses, it is necessary to select the corresponding protection level and model according to the specific laser type and parameters.  In addition, laser protective glasses also need to be tested and certified by professional bodies to ensure that they comply with relevant safety standards and regulations.  

Compared to reflective laser goggles, absorption laser goggles have the following advantages:  

1. Wider scope of application: reflective laser goggles can only protect a specific wavelength of laser, while absorption laser goggles can protect a variety of wavelengths of laser.  

2. More stable protective effect: The protective effect of reflective laser goggles depends on surface reflection, while the protective effect of absorbent laser goggles is determined by the characteristics of absorbent materials, so its protective effect is more stable.  

3. Higher protection ability: Absorption laser goggles can absorb higher power density of laser, so its protection ability is stronger.  

4. More comfortable wearing experience: reflective laser goggles need to reflect light to the eyes, which is easy to cause visual fatigue and discomfort, while absorption laser goggles do not appear in this situation.  

Absorption laser goggles are a more comprehensive, stable and powerful laser protection device, so they are more widely used in practical applications.

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