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Emergency treatment measures for eye injury caused by laser

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If the eyes are accidentally injured by the laser, emergency measures need to be taken in time:  

1. Stop work immediately and leave the site. If you are outside, cover your eyes immediately to prevent further damage.  

2. Rinse the injured eye with plenty of water or normal saline as soon as possible, each time for no less than 15 minutes.  

3. If there is a foreign object in the eye, remove it as gently as possible with a cotton swab or eye brush.  

4. If the pain is severe, painkillers can be used to relieve the pain.  

5. Seek medical examination, even if the symptoms reduce or disappear, it is necessary to seek medical examination in time to determine whether there is serious eye damage.  

It should be noted that after taking the above emergency treatment measures, further treatment and observation under the guidance of a doctor are still needed to prevent long-term eye problems.  In addition, in order to avoid laser damage to the eyes, you should wear standard laser protective glasses.

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