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Can the safety level of laser protective glasses be measured by feeling

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The safety level of laser protective glasses can not be measured by feeling, and must be tested and certified by professional organizations.  The safety level is usually measured by OD Optical Density. The higher the OD value, the stronger the protection ability of the glasses against the laser. When selecting protective glasses, you need to select the corresponding safety level according to the parameters such as the wavelength and power of the laser used by you.  

Optical Density (OD) is calculated by taking the logarithmic ratio of the power of the passing light to the power of the incoming light.  The specific calculation formula is as follows:  

OD = log10(P0/P)  

Where P0 is the incident light power and P is the transmission light power.  

In practical applications, it is usually necessary to measure the power of the passing light and the power of the incident light, and then calculate the OD value by substituting the above formula.  

If you only choose laser protective glasses by feeling, there may be a misjudgment or the selection of inappropriate products, leading to safety risks.  In order to ensure the safety of users, the selection of laser protective glasses must follow the relevant standards and specifications, choose certified products, and use in accordance with the correct method.

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