When was LASERRPAIR established?
LaserPair Co., Limited's history would be written by all our members and partners. Today, our heritage empowers us to create value for our customers at every level and to perfect Laser Pair. Throughout the years, we have made many breakthroughs and strategic choices. We have accumulated bounteous industry experience and reputation.

Laser Pair.CO.,LIMITED is a leading developer and supplier of ipl safety glasses in China. Laser Pair's laser glasses series include multiple types. The workmanship used in we laser glasses varies based on different customers' needs, mainly including common weaving, interweaving, washing, dyeing, destaticization, etc. The product has the advantage of high refractoriness. It can stay chemically and physically stable at constantly changing high temperatures.

our company is qualified with the most competitive ipl safety glasses manufacturer. Call now!
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