What we need to know about radiation protection glasses

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-02-12
For modern people who can't live or work without their mobile phones and computers, the radiation damage will also be doubled. Coupled with the radiation when going out, the injured eyes will naturally protest, which is manifested as dryness and itching. Type of symptoms, this time you need radiation protection glasses debut. The so-called radiation protection glasses, that is, during the lens processing of glasses, some compound media are added to the material, and the relevant radiation protection film layers are pasted on the lenses. They can theoretically play a certain role. Certain filtering effect. This is because the radiation from computers and so on comes from electromagnetic waves. These waves have a certain wavelength and amplitude. Compound media and radiation protection films use this principle to make electromagnetic waves of different wavelengths generated on the front and back surfaces of the lens interfere with each other, thereby canceling out. Part of the radiation. ? In addition, glasses with special anti-radiation functions were mainly used by people in special industries in the past and had high technical requirements. For example, medical staff who worked in the radiology department in the past wore radiation-proof glasses with high lead content, which can effectively block them. X-ray. But ordinary glasses manufacturers may not have this technology, and its radiation protection effect is difficult to say. Moreover, at present, there is no specific quality inspection standard for radiation-resistant glasses for eye health care, such as thickness, radiation resistance, and the like. It is easy to cause confusion in the eyewear market and uneven quality of the glasses only by manufacturers' unilateral publicity. ? In addition, radiation protection glasses are not suitable for all people, especially some children wear colored film radiation protection glasses such as red, which reduces light stimulation, which is not conducive to visual development.
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