What to watch out for about protective glasses

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-02-13
Protective glasses have powerful functions and functions, but at the same time, they are also fragile. A careless use of the protective glasses will cause damage to the glasses and reduce the protective function, and even improperly placed and handled after use Damage to the lens, so be careful. 1. Special use of goggles is necessary to prevent infection of eye diseases. ? 2. Filters and protective sheets for welding goggles should be selected and replaced according to the requirements of the operation. ? 3. Choose goggles that have passed the inspection of the product inspection agency. ? 4. The width and size of the goggles should be suitable for the user's face shape. After wearing, check whether it is stable and whether it will fall off when doing work-related actions such as bending over and lowering the head. ? 5. Rough lens wear and frame damage will affect the eyesight of the operator and should be replaced in time. ? 6. In order to prevent the lens from scratching, the lens should be placed upwards during storage to avoid contact with rough surfaces. Do not use rough paper or cloth to wipe the lens. Do not scratch the surface of the lens with a knife or other tools. Wait for the hard objects to pile up together. ? 7. In places where eye and face hazards exist, eye protection products should be worn. ? 8. You should refer to the instruction manual to understand how to wear various types of protective glasses or masks, precautions, conditions of use, etc., such as the use of anti-impact goggles when guarding against iron filings, lime sand, gravel, etc .; When splashing corrosive chemical liquids such as alkali, anti-corrosion liquid goggles should be selected; special welding masks should be used when welding, and gas welding glasses or masks should be worn when performing gas welding or gas cutting. ? 9. No habit of wearing goggles. For example, do not wear goggles when operating electric drills, sand turbines, lathes, and machine tools. Do not use protective glasses or anti-glare masks for electrical welding operations. Do not wear anti-chemical liquid glasses when using or handling corrosive liquids such as strong alkalis and strong acids. Do not wear anti-glare glasses when watching the fire while facing the furnace door. ? 10. Dispensed or used incorrectly, not allotted or used according to specific operational activities.
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