What should be careful about protective glasses during use

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-02-13
Protective glasses can effectively protect our eyes from damage, but because protective glasses are protective lenses, and lenses are also fragile and vulnerable, a little carelessness in life may cause damage to the lenses and lead to Protective glasses reduce or lose protection. 1. The selected goggles product needs to pass national testing and meet its standards before it can be used. ? ??2. The size and model of the goggles purchased should be as suitable as possible for the user's face. ? ??3. When using the goggle lens, please pay attention to the special person. It is forbidden to exchange and use to prevent accidents due to the size of the goggles. ? ??4. Goggles are used for a long time or improperly, which will cause the lens to be rough and damaged. Leaving the scratched lens will affect the wearer's vision, and it must be replaced in time if it fails to meet the safety standards. ? ??5. Goggles are forbidden from heavy pressure. Keep away from solid objects as much as possible to prevent damage to the lenses. ? ??6. When cleaning the goggles, you need to use a soft professional cleaning cloth to clean them and put them in the glasses case or a safe place. ? ??7. For comprehensive eye protection products, use and maintenance are required according to the product's instruction manual. ? ??8. After use in some chemical splash workplaces, timely cleaning and maintenance are required, and they need to be replaced in time if necessary. ? ??9. For the welding machine's goggles' filters and work protection lenses, they need to be checked and replaced in time when the service life is reached.
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