What is the use of x-ray protective glasses

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-26
UV protective glasses and protective windows are made of special organic materials and absorbents, which are highly efficient, safe and non-toxic protective products. According to data provided by the American Organization for the Prevention of Blindness, 90% of eye injury accidents can be prevented or reduced by wearing appropriate eye and face protection. So, what is the use of X-ray protective glasses? Use of X-ray protective glasses: X-ray protective glasses are the protective shield between the ray source and the staff, which can effectively protect the potential harm of the ultraviolet light of the UV lamp to the human body and fully meet the requirements of the national safety standards. Near ultraviolet, middle ultraviolet, far ultraviolet, safe strong ultraviolet decay more than 10000 times, to ensure that strong ultraviolet light does not stimulate or harm human eyes. X-rays penetrating the human body will produce certain biological effects. If the amount of X-rays contacted is excessive and exceeds the allowable exposure, radiation reactions may occur, and even a certain degree of radiation damage may occur. However, if the X-ray exposure is within the allowable range, the impact is generally minimal. People do not have to refuse the necessary X-rays and CT examinations because of radiation, nor do they dare to enter the area of ??the hospital's radiology department. Protection measures for workers exposed to x-rays: 1. The staff should wear a radiation dose detector and report the radiation dose of personal exposure once a month. The quantitative exposure of the intervention staff should not exceed 5% per year. , Can appropriately limit the number of surgeons' operations. 2. The staff should implement protective rules and regulations, wear lead clothes, lead collars and protective glasses. Adjust the shade at any time to minimize the exposure field. It is strictly forbidden for any part of the worker's body to enter the exposure field. 3. Regularly conduct protective inspections, and the staff will check the blood routine once a month and the system physical examination once a year. 4. Properly increase nutrition, increase outdoor activities, and avoid overwork. Reasonable scheduling and strict vacation management.
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