What is the material of protective glasses

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-22
Personal protective equipment plays an important role in protecting the safety and health of employees in the production process. Personal protective equipment refers to the protective equipment provided by employees to avoid or reduce accidental injuries or occupational hazards during their work. So, what material is protective glasses? Material of protective glasses: 1. A face mask that prevents group dust and chemical solutions from splashing into the eyes and damaging the face. It is made of light transparent plastic, and is usually made of polycarbonate and other plastics. The mask can cover the face more comprehensively to enhance the protective effect. 2. Heat shields In addition to the aluminum foil masks mentioned in heat shields, they can also be made of single-layer or double-layer metal mesh, but double-layer is better, which can block some radiation and dissipate heat in the air. If it can be plated with chrome or nickel, it can enhance the reflection and heat prevention effect, and can prevent rust. Metal mesh masks also protect against microwave radiation. 3. Masks for electric welders, made of hard paper fiber with a certain thickness, are lightweight, heat-resistant, and have good electrical insulation. 4. Anti-radiation protective glasses are used to protect the eyes from excessive ultraviolet rays and other radiation. The lens is made of special glass that can reflect or absorb radiation, but can transmit certain visible light. The lenses are coated with bright chromium, nickel, mercury or silver metal films, which can reflect radiation; blue lenses absorb infrared rays, yellow-green lenses absorb both ultraviolet and infrared rays, and colorless leaded lenses absorb X-rays and gamma rays. For example, common welding glasses require relatively low transmittance of the lens, so the color of the lens is mostly ink; laser protective glasses, as the name suggests, can prevent the radiation of laser to the glasses, so the requirements on the lens are very high, such as The choice of light source, attenuation rate, light reaction time, optical density, light transmission effect, etc., different nanometer (nm) lasers need to use different wavelength lenses.
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