What is the main protection of protective glasses

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-22
If the protective glasses lack daily correct maintenance and maintenance, then during the use process, it is prone to accidents or even damage, which cannot play the role of labor protection. So, what is the main protection of protective glasses? Let's take a look at the labor protection safety knowledge with everyone. What is the main protection of protective glasses Protective glasses play a protective role in places with poor working conditions and high hazards. So, what is the main protection of protective glasses? The main protective effects of protective glasses: Protective glasses, also known as labor protection glasses, are divided into safety glasses and protective masks. Their role is to protect the eyes and face from electromagnetic waves such as ultraviolet, infrared and microwave radiation, dust, smoke, metal and sand debris, and chemical solutions. Sputtering damage. (1) Anti-shock goggles, which can prevent the impact of metal fragments or chips, sand, stone chips, concrete chips and other splashes on the eyes. Metal cutting operations, concrete chiseling operations, portable grinder operations, etc. are suitable for wearing such flat goggles. (2) UV protection goggles and radiation shields for UV protection and strong light. The radiation shield used in the welding work should be made of non-conductive material, and the size of the observation window, filter, and protective film should be consistent and seamless. The color of the goggles is a mixed color, preferably blue, green, or gray. (3) Simple goggles against harmful liquids are mainly used to prevent eye damage caused by liquids such as acids and alkalis and other dangerous injection bodies and chemicals. The general lens is made of ordinary glass, and the frame is made of non-metallic corrosion-resistant material. (4) The goggles made of lead glass made of a certain amount of metallic lead in the glass of the lens are mainly used to prevent X-rays from damaging the eyes. (5) Protective glasses against dust, smoke, and various toxic gases with slight toxicity or weak irritation must be sealed, covered with no ventilation holes, tightly contact with the face, and the frame should be acid and alkali resistant.
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