What glasses can prevent laser damage to glasses

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-20
???Trust us to understand that laser protective glasses are a special kind of glasses that can avoid or reduce the damage of laser eyes. At the same time, it is an efficient and safe goggles, suitable for a variety of lasers, laser pens, this series of optical safety glasses are comfortable, beautiful, safe and reliable to wear. Laser protective glasses have reflective and absorptive types, which can comprehensively protect lasers and strong lights in specific wavelength bands. They are suitable for a variety of laser equipment. The laser has the characteristics of strong directivity, good monochromaticity and good coherence, which makes it widely used in military, industrial and medical fields. But it is precisely these characteristics of the laser that pose a great threat to the human body. The eyes are the most sensitive organs of the human body to the laser, because the concentration of light by the eyes can increase the energy density on the retina by 105 times, so low dose irradiation can cause severe damage to the retina and reduce vision to blindness. With the extensive use of laser skills in military and civilian areas, laser protection skills are increasingly being paid attention to. How to carry out useful laser protection has become a question that everyone attaches great importance to, and countries have formulated laser protection regulations accordingly. As early as 1962, the United States proposed some laser safety exposure limits. From the point of view of the protection principle, the current laser protection data can be divided into three categories: one is laser protection based on the principle of linear optics, which includes absorption type, reflection type and absorption / reflection composite type; the second is laser based on the principle of nonlinear optics Protection, it mainly uses third-order nonlinear optical effects, including nonlinear absorption, nonlinear refraction, nonlinear scattering and nonlinear reflection; third is laser protection based on the principle of phase change. ? There are many types of laser protective glasses, the materials used are different, the principles are different, and the application occasions are also different. Therefore, in order to provide useful protection to the laser, the laser protective glasses must be properly selected according to the detailed application request. When selecting protective glasses, first determine the maximum irradiance or maximum irradiance of the laser output based on the maximum output power (or energy), beam diameter, pulse time and other parameters of the laser used. Then, determine the minimum optical density required for the glasses according to the corresponding wavelength and the maximum allowable irradiance (eye exposure limit) at the moment of irradiation, and select suitable protective glasses accordingly. The detailed conditions for selection are: 1. Maximum irradiance Hmax (J / m2) or maximum irradiance Emax (W / m2); ???2. Specific protection wavelength; ?3. The required minimum optical density value Dmin at the corresponding protection wavelength; ???4. Non-uniformity, asymmetry of protective lens, viewpoint effect of incident light, etc .; ???5. Resistance to laser radiation; ???6. Visible light transmittance; ???7. Structure and appearance ?Laser protective glasses are suitable for people: laser operators, computer operators, drivers, gas welders, electric welders, high-temperature furnace operators, medical or industrial personnel when operating X-ray fluoroscopy; suitable for ultraviolet lasers, excimer lasers, neodymium glass Protection of lasers, semiconductor lasers, CO lasers, neodymium-doped garnet lasers, ruby ??lasers, CO2 lasers, gallium arsenide lasers and other lasers.
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