What can protective glasses do?

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-22
Personal protective equipment refers to protective equipment that can protect the personal safety and health of employees during labor and protect employees from or reduce various injuries or occupational hazards. The importance of using the necessary personal protective equipment in the labor process has gradually been correctly understood by most operators. So, what role can protective glasses play? The role of protective glasses: Protective eyewear is a kind of glasses with special functions, and the glasses with different needs in different occasions are used. There are many types of protective glasses, including dust-proof glasses, impact-proof glasses, chemical-resistant glasses, and anti-light radiation glasses. Protective glasses, also known as labor protection glasses, are divided into safety glasses and protective masks. Their role is to protect the eyes and face from electromagnetic waves such as ultraviolet, infrared and microwave radiation, dust, smoke, metal and sand debris, and chemical solutions. Sputtering damage. The scope of use of protective glasses: ① Ordinary optical glass mirror. The lens is made of ordinary optical glass to prevent the mechanical damage of the lathe, grinder, miller, driller, boring worker, riveter, sand cleaner, stylist, and acid and alkali burns of acid and alkali operations, tests, and sampling. Prevent foreign objects from entering your eyes. ② UV protection mirror. Chemicals that absorb ultraviolet light are melted into the optical glass and have a high absorption rate for visible light and ultraviolet light. According to the needs of different types of work, the lens is installed on the frame, mask or helmet. Welding mirrors made of liquid crystal are now available. In case of strong light, they can instantly turn black within 0.001 to 0.002s to protect the welding operator from electro-optic ophthalmia. ③ High temperature resistant protective glasses. The lens is made of high temperature resistant glass, which can absorb part of infrared rays. It is used for smelting work, foreman, foreman, fireman, caster, glassworker, etc. ④ Radiation goggles. It is to add lead to the optical glass for X-ray, γ-ray, α-ray, β-ray workers. ⑤ Microwave protective glasses. A very thin layer of tin oxide metal powder is added to the outer surface of the optical glass for microwave operation. ⑥ Anti-laser mirror. The shape is goggles, and the lenses are mostly made of polymer synthetic materials, which can be replaced. According to the principle of anti-laser radiation, anti-laser glasses are divided into reflection type, absorption type, reflection absorption type, explosion type, photochemical reaction type and color-changing glass-ceramic type.
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