What are the selection criteria for laser protective

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-02-23
Lasers have huge applications in many industries and fields, such as industrial processing and manufacturing industries, medical fields, and even traces of their existence in our daily lives. Nonetheless, the laser has some damage to our eyes. In order to effectively avoid this kind of damage, laser protective glasses are needed. 1. The types of laser protective glasses, classified according to the principle: ? 1. Laser protection based on the principle of linear optics, which includes absorption type, reflection type, and absorption / reflection composite type. ? 2. Based on the principle of non-linear optics, mainly using third-order linear optical effects, including non-linear absorption, non-linear refraction, non-linear scattering and reflection. ? 3. Based on the phase change principle. ? Second, the guidance of laser protective glasses selection method: ? 1. Laser parameters: output wavelength (whether multiple wavelengths), pulse width, power density. ? 2. Optical Density (OD) of laser protective glasses: The larger the OD value, the stronger the protective ability of laser protective glasses. ? 3. The L level of laser protective glasses. The higher the L level, the stronger the laser protection ability. ? 4. Visible light transmittance. The higher the transmittance, the less visually affected. The transmittance of some laser protective glasses will be less than 20%, or even about 5%. At this time, you need to consider adding auxiliary lighting. ? 5. Must pass the safety level and standard verification of laser protective glasses. ? 6, the style of laser protective glasses, whether the size of laser protective glasses is appropriate, whether the laser protective glasses can effectively block reflected and refracted light from all directions.
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