What are the occupational eye hazards?

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-14
????Occupational eye hazards refer to the possible harm to workers' health and labor due to occupational reasons during work. In general, the factors that cause eye damage are mainly divided into chemical and physical aspects: 1. Chemical factors, such as certain chemical substances, can cause contact damage to the eyes, such as chemical eye burns, and can also cause occupational cataracts through absorption by the body, such as trinitrotoluene cataracts. Occupational eye diseases caused by chemical protection require professional goggles or goggles. The general volatile ones are the Bonus goggles goggles that require indirect ventilation. 2. Physical factors, the main eye lesions can be divided into ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation, the former mainly includes x-rays and gamma rays, and the latter includes ultraviolet, infrared, microwave, laser and so on. According to different physical factors of eye hazard, choose different radiation protection goggles, such as UV protection goggles, infrared protection goggles and laser protection goggles of different wave bands. 3. Physical factors also include mechanical impact, dust, smoke, biological particles, etc., resulting in different degrees of eye damage. In response to such eye hazards, protection experts recommend choosing different anti-shock or dust-proof goggles or eye masks for effective eye protection.
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