What are the characteristics of laser

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-19
??Lasers are everywhere, and it is precisely because of the existence of a variety of light that makes our days more colorful and more beautiful. We must all know that even if we are enjoying the light source in today's days, enjoying the light brings us all aspects but the same light also brings us very serious damage. In our laser protective glasses, the most serious light pollution light damage we face is the laser. Since the laser is not able to see the light, if we do not pay attention to it, it will simply cause damage that cannot be saved. ??The human eye will be damaged by exposure to the laser. The damage of the laser to the eyes of the user depends on the wavelength and output power of the laser (remember to wear laser protective glasses in time): ? ???1. Visible light (400-700nm) and near-infrared (700-1400nm) light beams can focus on the retina through the pupils, thus causing some irreversible harm to the retina, optic nerve and base of the eyes. In general, light in the wavelength range of 400-700nm (purple light and red light) will not cause damage to the human eye. Unfortunately, light with a wavelength of close to 1400nm can also penetrate the eyes, bringing great retina and optic nerve Big threat ???2. Invisible light at non-near infrared wavelengths will cause damage to the outside of the eyes. Ultraviolet radiation (180-400nm) will damage the cornea and crystals. Mid-infrared radiation (IR-B, 1400-3000nm) may penetrate the eyes to form cataracts , Far infrared light (IR-C, 3000nm ~ 1mm) can damage the appearance of the eyes or cornea. The harm of laser is a situation that cannot be ignored in our lives. We should actively discover and understand the characteristics of lasers. Lasers cannot deny that we have a lot of help in our days and can help us complete a lot of manpower. Unattainable work, but at the same time the laser can easily blow us up. I hope we can pay attention to laser damage and wear laser protective glasses in time, and laser damage will not recover.
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