Welding arc cannot rely solely on traditional

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-02-23
During the welding process, substances that are harmful to the human body are generated. One of them is welding arc light. Without protection, the arc light will cause great damage to the personnel who perform welding operations. Therefore, it is necessary for each enterprise to provide adequate protection for relevant personnel Appliances, such as professional welding safety glasses. In the case of using traditional black glass welding masks, the causes of welder injuries are: ? (1) In the process of arc initiation, some welders usually use naked eye arc initiation to avoid the deviation of the welding spot. Although there is physiological blink protection, the direct effect of the arc light at the moment of arcing cannot be completely avoided; ? (2) In an environment where there are multiple people performing welding operations at the same time, cross-radiation of welding arc light; ? (3) The effect of arc radiation's reflection and scattering on welding operators. ? Damage of welding arc to human body: ? (1) Excessive ultraviolet radiation from welding arc can cause acute keratitis in the eyes, which is called electro-optic ophthalmitis. Eyes receive intense infrared radiation and immediately feel intense burns and burns. Long-term exposure may cause infrared cataracts, vision loss, and blindness in severe cases. After the eyes are irradiated by the visible light of arc light, the eyes are painful and can't see clearly. It is usually called 'dazzling eyes' by welding, and loses labor ability in a short time. ? (2) When the skin is affected by the strong ultraviolet rays of arc light, it can cause dermatitis, diffuse erythema, and sometimes small blisters, exudates, and edema appear, with a burning sensation and itching. ? Welding protective measures: ? (1) To protect the eyes from arc light, a mask with special protective lenses must be used during welding. ? (2) In order to prevent arc burns to the skin, the welder must wear work clothes, gloves and shoe covers. ? (3) In order to protect welding work and other production personnel from arc radiation, a shield can be used.
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