Two items that can effectively protect the eyes

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-02-15
For the protection of the eyes, we must not be careless, because the eyes are a fragile organ that has a great impact on our daily lives, so we need to pay more attention to avoid harm to the eyes, especially in processing activities. In the case of injury, caution is needed. Safety glasses: ? Safety glasses are the most common eye protectors. It provides shock protection for the wearer. Some safety glasses can also protect some optical radiation through special processing, or used in some special occasions, such as some colored lenses can protect strong light, amber lenses can improve line of sight contrast and so on. From the style, safety glasses can be divided into safety glasses with flanking protection, safety glasses that OTG can wear outside prescription glasses, and prescription safety glasses. The biggest difference between safety glasses and ordinary prescription glasses (nearsightedness / farsightedness glasses) or ordinary decorative glasses (such as sunglasses) is their impact resistance. When subjected to a certain degree of impact, the frames and lenses will not be damaged, and the lenses will not be removed The rack comes off. At the same time, whether it is China or other countries (such as the United States or Europe), eye-face protection standards require that safety glasses resistant to high-speed particle impact must have flanking protection. ? Safety goggles: ? Safety eye mask is another commonly used eye protector. It can fit tightly around the wearer's eyes, provide more protection, and have better impact resistance. Eye masks can also be used to protect against other hazards, such as dust and liquid splashing. With filters, they can also be used to protect optical radiation from certain low-energy welding or cutting (such as gas welding and gas cutting), or as welding aids. Safety goggles can also be subdivided into 3 styles, namely direct ventilation type, indirect ventilation type and closed type. Directly ventilated eyecups with good ventilation effect can effectively prevent fogging inside the eyecups. This type of eyecups cannot be used to protect against chemical liquid splashes and harmful gas or vapor hazards; indirect ventilated eyecups can be used to protect large particles of dust And chemical liquid splash, its vents are designed to have both ventilating performance and protection against the intrusion of liquids and particulate matter; closed-type eyecups have no vents at all, and are used to protect the eyes from gas or vapor irritation, while also Protects eyes from liquid splashes and fine dust.
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