Tips for fog protection in winter

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-02-24
In winter, due to the temperature, the glasses will fog, which will cause great obstacles to our vision. This may cause dangerous things to happen, so it is important to wear protective glasses in winter. Consider how to avoid eyeglasses. 1. Goggles defogging method: ? Prepare one bottle of antifog for swimming goggles and one goggle. Before each wearing, drop 1 or 2 drops of anti-fogging agent on the inner side of the lens on both sides of the goggles, and apply evenly with the sponge that comes with the bottle body. Note that only a thin and even application of the lens surface is required to control each dosage. After applying, wipe off the excess anti-fog agent, and lay it flat for 2 ~ 3min, and can be worn after drying. ? Advantages: The anti-fog effect is accurate, the maintenance time is long, and the mirror surface is good; the irritation to the skin and mucous membrane is small, and the feeling is comfortable; the anti-fog agent is cheap and easy to implement; the use method is simple and easy to operate. ? 2. Methods to reduce the impact of goggles: ? Take the adhesive tape (6cmx7cm) used to fix the indwelling needle and cut it horizontally 1/2. In the clean area, wear a mask in accordance with the three zone protection requirements, and wear a disposable nose clip mask in the first layer of protection and press the nose. ? An indwelling needle film is attached to the upper edge of the mask and the skin of the lower eyelid, so that the upper edge of the mask is tightly attached to the facial skin, and the exhaled breath will not attach to the goggles through the gap between the mask and the skin, and At the same time, it can prevent outside air from directly sucking into the nasal cavity from the gap.
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