Three types of anti-shock glasses

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-02-16
In the process of movement or processing, it may cause eye damage due to external impact, and the anti-impact glasses are invented for this reason. Maybe for those who don't know enough about anti-shock glasses, they will think that there is only one type of anti-shock glasses, but in fact there are mainly three different types of anti-shock glasses. ?1. Plexiglass glasses (mask): ? ??Good transparency, tough and flexible, low temperature resistance, light weight, impact resistance 10 times higher than ordinary glass. However, it is not resistant to high temperatures and has poor wear resistance. Mainly suitable for metal cutting, metal polishing, forging workpieces, crushing metal or stone and other operating places. ? ??2.Tempered glass glasses ? ??The glasses are made from ordinary glass after being heated to 800-900 ° C, and then subjected to rapid cooling treatment to change the internal structural stress and improve the impact strength. Tempered glass lenses can withstand large impacts, even if broken, they will not break. Only round and granular pieces are produced. ? ??3.Steel double gauze outer mesh protective glasses ? ??The frame is made of round metal. The frame is divided into two layers, the inner layer is equipped with round flat glass lenses, and the temples are installed. The outer layer is equipped with steel wire warp and weft mesh, and the upper edge is connected with the upper edge of the inner frame with a controllable fastener. The lower edge is provided with a hook card. ? ??When worn, the double-layered frames overlap to prevent the impact of front and side splashes on the eyes. Due to the steel wire gauze, the visibility is poor. When you must identify the work carefully, you can open the hook at the lower edge of the outer mesh frame and move it upward 90 (parallel to the line of sight, the upper edge of which can be controlled by a fastener, which can stabilize the outer The frame angle does not sag. ? ??This protective goggle is suitable for working places where metal chips and crushed materials are used, but it should not be used in high-temperature environments and operations with electrical danger.
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