Things to watch out for during welding

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-02-17
A variety of dangers and accidents accompany the welding operation, and the welding process characteristics also determine that once an accident occurs in the welding process, it will have serious consequences and cause serious injuries to employees. Therefore, we must increase vigilance in the welding process to avoid accidents. ① Before work, carefully check whether the tools and equipment are intact, whether the shell of the welding machine is reliably grounded, and whether the terminals are bare. The ground wire must be secure and secure. Do not use scaffolding, wire ropes, machine tools, etc. as ground wires. ? ② Carefully check the working environment before work. Within 10 meters of the operating site, oil or other flammable and explosive materials (including pipelines with flammable and explosive gases) should not be stored; when welding on site, surrounding flammable items must be It should be cleaned up. If it can't be cleaned up, it should be protected and equipped with fire fighting equipment. ? ③ Wear labor protection supplies and hard hats before construction. Wear safety belts when working at heights. Wear flat glasses when knocking on welding slag. Welding on the back should fasten the collar, tighten the cuffs, and wear a fireproof hat. ? ④ When welding and cutting sealed containers and pipes, open vent holes first. Repair the container that has been filled with oil. It should be cleaned. Open the oil hole cover or vent hole. Welding or cutting can only be performed after inspection and confirmation. ? ⑤ When welding in the container, there must be human supervision outside and good ventilation facilities. The lighting power should be lower than 36V. It is forbidden to weld in painted or sprayed plastic containers. ? ⑥ The welding tongs and welding wires should be inspected and maintained frequently. If any damage is found, they should be repaired or replaced in time. If the short-circuit phenomenon is found during welding, the welder should be turned off first, and then the cause of the short circuit should be found to prevent the welder from burning out. Wear gloves when changing electrodes, and do not lean your body on iron plates or other conductive objects. Wear protective glasses when knocking slag. When moving the position of the welding machine, the machine must be stopped and powered off first. ? ⑦ When welding, you should choose the appropriate electrode and welding current according to the material being welded. Parts with high strength or used in parts with frequent vibration must be grooved before welding. Every welding layer must be cleaned with special tools. After welding, the slag and welding must be cleaned up. For pipes, steel plates, etc. that are cut before welding, the burr burrs left by the cutting must be cleaned before welding. When welding the pipeline, no welding knob shall be generated on the inner wall of the pipeline. ? 时 When welding on the equipment, the protection of valuables must be done. And do a good job of collecting welding spatters and knocked down welding slag. When removing the shield after welding, be careful not to let any debris such as welding slag fall into the equipment. ? 完毕 After the work is completed, the electric welding machine must be turned off, the power supply must be disconnected, the site must be checked and cleaned, and the fire must be extinguished before leaving. When welding on the equipment, all slag and electrode heads must be collected and taken away from the equipment before leaving.
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