The three most common protective glasses

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-02-17
It seems that the protective glasses are far away from us, but they are actually very close to us. Anti-shock glasses to prevent external impact from hurting the eyes, laser-proof glasses to prevent laser damage to the eyes, and prevent chemical solutions from splashing into eyes Chemical solution glasses, these constitute the three most common types of protective glasses in our lives. Before choosing protective glasses, you should first understand the process itself, determine the equipment used, the substances involved, etc., and the types and severity of eye hazards. According to the results of the assessment, measures should be implemented to reduce the hazards to the eyes of the process, instead of relying solely on protective glasses to protect employees' eyes. ? ?There are many series of dust-proof glasses, anti-shock glasses, chemical-resistant glasses and radiation-proof glasses in protective glasses, which have a wide range of applications. The first three types of glasses appear to be colorless glasses, but in fact, due to different protective effects, the characteristics of the lenses are significantly different. ?Dust-proof glasses are used in dusty environments, and the general lens fastness requirements are not high. Regardless of the eye mask type or flat lens type, ordinary flat glass lenses are used. The anti-impact glasses are used to prevent small particles from flying out from penetrating the eyes. The lenses are required to be impact-resistant. For example, lathes, sanders, and stonemakers should wear anti-impact glasses. If these workers wear general dust-proof glasses, then Iron sand and crushed stone are broken when they hit the glasses, and the eyes will be more damaged. The lenses of chemical-resistant glasses are resistant to acids and alkalis, and corrosive, which is not available in other glasses.
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