The primary use of laser glasses

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-19
?The variety of data applications in the day is now more and more common, and we should also be able to see the particularity and necessity of the use of these various data materials in the day. In our laser protective glasses, our enthusiasm and admiration for the application of laser materials must be very serious, but even if we are using lasers, do we really know about lasers now? Do you know the accuracy of laser materials? Application has unparalleled priority in our days, but we have never really understood the laser clearly, which is a very risky situation in our laser protective glasses. ? The degree of laser damage to the eyes is related to the total light energy, energy density and power density of the laser entering the eyes in addition to the lasers with different wavelengths. Among the types of lasers, when the power density of the visible or near infrared laser is very low, it does not cause acute damage to the eyes. The primary reason is that because the laser power density is low, although the retinal arrangement withstands the laser photon energy gradually becoming hot, on the one hand, the heat is transferred to the surrounding arrangement through molecular vibrations, and then to the outside of the eyes; on the other hand, it can transfer the heat Give the microvessels that are covered in the omentum at the bottom of the omentum, follow the blood circulation in the microvessels, and then radiate out of the eyes. Therefore, the temperature of the retina to the whole eye is not significantly added, or slightly changed in temperature, which is still in a range that is completely harmless to both eyes. The damage to the retina depends on the power and time. For example, when the power density of the visible or near-infrared laser is continuously added, the heat accumulation speed on the retina is greater than the heat dissipation speed, or the power density is not very high, but the retina absorption time is too long The temperature of the part where the retina is subjected to photon flow must be added, that is, the longer the irradiation time, the greater the temperature addition, and the greater the temperature addition, more than 10 ° C above the normal eye temperature, it will cause retinal damage. ?The primacy and practicality of the laser have always been the primary guarantee for the development of our days, and it is also the source of our progress and diversity. We have never been able to use a variety of diversified data in our daily life. Science and technology are the primary productive forces. We should actively discover the damage and damage caused by improper use of the primary material such as laser in our daily life. It is also very important to pay attention to its own protection!
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