The harm of welding to professionals

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-02-18
Welding is a common processing technology in industrial manufacturing. Among the many methods of welding, the most widely used is electric welding. Although electric welding has brought many conveniences and changes to our lives, but for professionals engaged in welding Said that every welding will cause serious injuries. Welding arc light mainly includes infrared, visible light and ultraviolet. These belong to the hot line spectrum. When the welding arc temperature is 3000 ℃, its radiation wavelength is less than 290mμm; when the temperature is 3200 ℃, its radiation wavelength is less than 230mμm. When light radiation acts on the human body, tissues in the body will be absorbed, causing tissue thermal, photochemical, or ionizing effects, causing acute or chronic damage to human tissues. ? ??The harm of infrared rays to the human body is mainly caused by the thermal effect of tissues. During the welding process, the eyes receive intense infrared radiation, and they immediately feel intense burns and burns, and flash illusions occur. Long-term exposure may cause infrared cataracts, vision loss, and blindness in severe cases. ? ??The luminosity of visible light is about 10,000 times greater than that normally seen by the naked eye. When visible light radiates people's eyes, it will cause pain and can't see things clearly. It is usually called 'dazzling eyes' and loses labor capacity in a short time. . ? ??The harmful effects of ultraviolet light on the human body are mainly photochemical effects, which cause damage to human skin and eyes. After the skin is exposed to strong ultraviolet radiation, it can cause dermatitis, diffuse erythema, and sometimes small blisters, exudates, burning sensation, and itching; when the effect is strong, there are systemic symptoms: headache, dizziness, fatigue, nerve excitement, Fever, insomnia, etc. Excessive ultraviolet rays irradiate people's eyes, which can cause acute corneal and conjunctivitis of the eyes, that is, electrooptic ophthalmitis. Most develop symptoms 4-12 days after exposure. The symptoms are high shame in both eyes, tears, foreign body sensation, tingling, eyelid swelling, convulsions, and headaches and blurred vision. ? ??In order to prevent the harm to human body caused by electric arc welding, the welding work must be done with flat surface and high reflectance overalls, gloves and shoe covers. Welders are not allowed to roll up cuffs or wear short sleeves and open collars for welding. jobs. After wearing the work pants, make sure to have sufficient length when squatting to avoid being exposed to the ankle and being burned by arc light. A mask with a special filter lens must be used. The filter lens must be a qualified product produced by a designated factory in the country. General sunglasses cannot be used at will.
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