The harm of laser to human body, basic precautions

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-09
?????? 1. Unless under special circumstances, the use of lasers must generally be in a confined indoor space. 2. Do not look directly at the laser beam, especially pay attention to the invisible light of high power infrared or ultraviolet. 3. Do not wear ornaments with strong reflections such as watches and hand ornaments when operating the laser. 4. Don't forget to wear protective glasses at all times. 5. After turning off the invisible laser, apply IR or UV card to check whether it is really turned off. 6. When the laser is working, the unused light should be led to the beam trash. 7. It is better to cover the self-made optical path with a protective cover. 8. Keep the light path height below people's line of sight. It is very dangerous to bend down, bow your head, or pick things on the ground during work. 9. Put warning labels on the doorway and indoors of the laser work place. 10. All laser operators must be trained.
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