The harm and prevention of laser to human body

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-04
?????? With the development of science and technology, laser applications are becoming more and more extensive. Mainly used in industrial production for drilling, welding, cutting, communication, laser holography, etc .; medically for surgery. The harm of laser is mainly the conversion of absorbed energy into heat energy. appears in: 1. Damage to the skin. When the laser is irradiated to the skin, it can cause skin burns, thermal coagulation or even carbonization. It can also destroy blood vessels, red blood cells and brain tissue. 2. Injury to eyes. Laser irradiation on the eyes can cause glare and blurred vision. Excessive exposure can cause retinal burns, loss of central vision and even blindness. 3. Long-term low-dose and scattered reflection laser irradiation may have symptoms such as neurasthenia, visual fatigue after work, and eye pain. Precaution: 1. Establish and improve safe operating procedures. 2. Strengthen protective measures. Workplaces should be covered with light-absorbing and non-reflective materials, and light sources and light channels should be equipped with light shields. 3. Personal protection. Laser workers should wear white overalls and protective glasses.
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