The advantages and disadvantages of reflective

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-17
?The advantages and disadvantages of absorption and reflection laser protective glasses ? Reflective laser protective glasses are coated with multiple layers of reflective medium on the surface of the base optical glass. ? Advantages: 1. Simple process ? 2. High visible light transmittance ? 3. High attenuation rate ? 4. Light reaction time is fast <10-9 seconds ? Disadvantages: 1. It has serious selectivity to the light source. The incident light source must face the protective mirror surface (the normal direction of the incident light mirror surface), and its protective effect is the largest, and vice versa. ? The reflective medium layer is easy to peel off, and it is not easy to visually observe after it is peeled off. This is also the most dangerous. The domestic reflective medium layer usually peels off in about a year. The higher the light attenuation rate, the thicker the coated dielectric layer, the easier it is to fall off. Absorptive laser protective glasses are based on the base material PMMA or P. Add special wavelength absorber to C. ? Advantages: 1. There is no selectivity to the light source, which can safely protect various diffuse reflected light ? 2. High attenuation rate ? 3. The surface is not afraid of wear, even if there are scratches, it does not affect the safety protection of light ? 4. Light response is faster <10-9 seconds ? Disadvantages: Visible light transmittance is low. Laser protective glasses
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