Selection rules for welding protective glasses

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-02-25
The glasses used to protect the eyes from injury during welding are called welding safety glasses, but to have a good protection effect also requires a premise, which is to be able to choose the appropriate protective glasses. However, there are too many types of protective glasses, which makes selection difficult. The role of welding goggles: ? Welding will produce a very strong light instantly, and the pupils of the person will not be able to shrink at this time. Too much and too much light entering will burn the retina. Welded goggles are composed of a frame, a filter and a protective sheet. Qualified products must meet the following requirements. ? 1. Do not drop the lens due to the heat of the frame. ? 2. The parts that touch the face must not have corners. ? 3. Components that come in contact with the skin cannot cause allergic irritation to the skin. ? 4. Welded goggle lenses have no ghosting and ghosting. ? Color number selection of welding goggles: ? 1. Three types of black glass commonly used in welding masks are No. 7, No. 8, and No. 9. The larger the number, the darker the color of the filter black lens. ? 2. Select the color of the lens according to the welding current. The darker the lens, the stronger the filtering performance, and the more suitable it is for high current welding operations. Under the premise of seeing the molten pool, it is better to use dark lenses as much as possible. ? However, it must be reminded that when performing welding operations with a lot of spatter, it is best not to wear welding goggles alone, as it will easily damage the eyes and facial skin! It must be matched with an eye mask or a qualified welding mask. ? In addition, the filter and protective sheet of the welding goggles should be inspected and replaced in time when the service life is reached.
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