Selection of laser protective glasses

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-16
?With the development of laser work, the damage caused by laser to our eyes can not be ignored. When we are exposed to laser work, we must ensure that our eyes are protected from the laser. The presentation of laser protective glasses has helped many people deal with this problem , After ensuring its quality, we can truly assist in the dedication to laser work. We strengthen the maintenance of our eyes. The following editor will take us to understand and choose laser protective glasses. ?There are many types of laser protective glasses, the materials used are different, the principles are different, and the use occasions are different. Therefore, in order to provide useful protection to the laser, the laser protective glasses must be properly selected according to the detailed use request. When choosing protective glasses, first determine the maximum irradiance or maximum irradiance of the laser output based on the maximum output power (or energy), beam diameter, pulse time and other parameters of the laser used. Then, according to the corresponding wavelength and the maximum allowable irradiance at the moment of irradiation (eye irradiation limit), determine the minimum optical density required for the glasses, and select the appropriate protective glasses according to this. ? ?The detailed conditions for selection are: ?1. Maximum irradiance Hmax (J / m2) or maximum irradiance Emax (W / m2); ?2. Specific protection wavelength; ?3. The required minimum optical density value Dmin at the corresponding protection wavelength; ?4. The non-uniformity, asymmetry, angle effect of incident light, etc. of the protective lens; ?5. Ability to resist laser radiation; ?6. Visible light transmittance; ?7. Structure and appearance. ?Laser protective glasses, laser protective glasses, laser glasses, laser protection, protective glasses, as long as we have a pair of eyes, please pay attention to maintenance. I believe that the presentation of laser protective glasses is to deepen the maintenance of both eyes. Together, our laser protective glasses can help more devotees of laser work to deal with laser impact questions. It is particularly important to choose a suitable laser protective glasses. That is the selection of laser protective glasses provided by us, I hope to give more people a reference in the selection.
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