Select the appropriate laser glasses to pay attention

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-20
?Laser safety glasses are a guarantee for the safety of the eyes. Different industries have different results in their application. When we clearly understand laser safety glasses, we should also have new knowledge in the selection and understanding of laser protection. The characteristics of the glasses promptly introduce the functions of the users who choose this set of products. ?Absorptive dyes are encapsulated in hard polycarbonate lenses (not fragile). The scratches on the surface will not reduce the optical density of the lens. Laser protective glasses have a variety of structural styles. LG series laser safety glasses are available to provide CE certified laser radiation protection . The frame is comfortable in style and can be worn outside normal glasses, and is shielded at the top and side to protect the user's eyes from external laser radiation. The internal dimensions of the LG series of laser protective glasses are 145 mm x 53 mm, and the temples are 140 mm long. The diagonal length of the lens is 68 mm. Each pair of laser safety glasses comes with a maintenance storage box, a neck strap and a cleaning cloth. ? The editor provides three laser protective glasses with different structures (see the structure type label for details). The general structure (except LG11) can be used together with myopia, and it can be useful to avoid light leakage on the side and top of the eyes formed by other laser radiation. The comfortable structure can place detachable lenses (please contact your doctor to order suitable lenses), and is rich in a nose bridge gasket, suitable for people with low nose bridges. The sports model is planned to fit the human face, providing a full range of laser protection. Eyewear maintenance stated that laser safety glasses should be placed in a maintenance box when not in use. The temperature should not exceed 80 ° F (26.6 ° C). Laser safety glasses can be cleaned with 91% isopropyl alcohol and wiped with a cotton swab. Choose the appropriate laser protective glasses because the accurate selection of laser safety glasses depends on many local factors that cannot be evaluated for long distances, including the optical path, laser parameters, and laboratory environment. The manufacturing standards of laser protective glasses are all certified, so when choosing and using our laser protective glasses, we can assist you with all the difficulties in your work and protect your eyes in time. Provide you with a full range of laser protection, introduce specific glasses for your application to provide you with efficient services. We suggest that the laser safety personnel in your organization discuss which laser protective glasses to choose.
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