Required life of various protective glasses

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-02-25
The protective ability of protective glasses determines the health protection of employees, but the substances protected during use will always cause certain damage to protective glasses, and once the protective glasses' ability to protect them is reduced, wear such protective glasses It is conceivable that the effect will not be good, so it is very important to change the protective glasses on time. ? GB11651-89 Selection rules for labor protection products, according to the type of abrasion, degree of wear, PPE own materials, etc. ? ?? The gbt 11651-2008 personal protective equipment selection specification directly gives the service life corresponding to the type of operation. ? ?? Generally used 89 version of the model. Also consider the useful life of the PPE itself. ? ?? Specific to the glasses, depending on the environment and type of use, the general anti-foreign object splash, the standard is 24 months, if the frequent use is usually a 3 months.
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