Related discussion on welding and wearing glasses

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-02-19
Although many people have not really been exposed to welding, they have seen videos or pictures of welding more or less. During the process of watching, they will find that all relevant personnel in the welding industry at the scene wear a pair of glasses, then today Let's explore why we wear glasses during welding. During electric welding, the arc light emitted has high heat and brightness, which directly causes burns to the eyes. When this arc strikes the eyes, it will cause damage to the cell tissue on the surface of the eyeballs, and the epidermal cells will fall off. As a result, a protective film on the surface will be gone. The eyes will feel as painful as a knife cutting, tears, eyes can't be opened, fear of light, especially at night, it hurts even more. Medically called electro-optic ophthalmia. This is rarely the case for real welding workers, as they are all trained and protected on the job. Mostly they are some helpers who help the work. Bystanders, especially children, are most likely to suffer this kind of injury. ? After the occurrence of electrooptic ophthalmitis, because the patient is very painful, he will go to the hospital for emergency treatment. In fact, as long as people with this knowledge find out that this has happened, they should quickly find a breastfeeding lesbian and squeeze some human milk into their eyes. The symptoms will soon disappear and human milk can also protect them. The function of the membrane helps the epidermal cells in the eye to grow faster and better. ? Sometimes, when a patient comes to the hospital for emergency treatment, the doctor often gives some anesthetics to relieve pain. This is only a temporary expedient. After applying anesthesia, the eyes lose the sense of external stimuli and they have no protection ability. This is very dangerous. Every doctor must explain to the patient, wear protective glasses to prevent wind sand and foreign objects from entering the eyes. Inside, causing new damage. ? While the welder is at work, in the absence of protection, do not look at the excitement and cause eye damage. This is very worthless.
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