Radiation safety and protection management system

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-08
Chapter 1 Operation Rules ????????1. Do a good job of cleaning the camera before going to work every day to maintain a good working environment for the machine. ????????2. After powering on, pay attention to whether the power supply voltage is normal, and check whether other function keys are selected correctly. ????????3. Care should be taken when operating the machine, especially the power supply voltage, and the marked standard voltage must not be exceeded. ????????4. The liquid that appears at any time should be cleaned up immediately to prevent it from flowing into the equipment. ????????5. Operate strictly in accordance with the instruction manual and put an end to all illegal operations. ????????6. According to the size of the human body and the location of the film, choose the parameters reasonably. ????????7. Observe the quality of photos at any time. If there is any abnormality, check whether the camera is normal. If abnormal, report to the maintenance personnel immediately. ????????8. The camera should be turned off and the power should be turned off after work. ??????? ????????Chapter 2 Job Responsibilities ????????1. The staff who use the ray device must go through the pre-post medical examination, and have passed the radiation safety protection training, and hold the certificate. ????????2. It is necessary to use the ray device correctly, so as to be dedicated and dedicated. ????????3. When working, each staff member must wear a personal dose pen and a personal dose alarm. ????????4. The personnel engaged in the post of the ray device must strictly follow the operating rules and regulations to prevent illegal operations. ????????5. If a radiological accident occurs, immediately report it to the higher level leaders and relevant departments, and take effective measures, without delay or concealment. ??????? ????????Chapter III Radiation Protection System ????????1. The staff who use the ray device must go through the pre-post medical examination, and have passed the radiation safety protection training, and hold the certificate. ????????2. Workers engaged in radiation should be equipped with personal dose pens, establish personal dose files, and conduct regular physical examinations. ????????3. The ray device should be set up with a special working room, and the working room should be set up with special personnel to manage, and non-related personnel are not allowed to enter. ????????4 Do radiation safety protection work, set up radiation signs, sound and light alarms, etc. to prevent accidental exposure of unrelated persons. ????????5. Strictly inspect the broken glass, so that the doors and windows are often closed. ??????? ????????Chapter 4 Account Management System ????????1. Establish the account management system of the ray device, with the instrument name, model, tube voltage, output current, purpose, etc. ????????2. Strictly control the entry and exit of the ray device, and resolutely prevent the phenomenon of lending. ????????3. The retired ray device should be recovered by a qualified unit or manufacturer to prevent it from being destroyed privately or left unattended. ??????? ????????Chapter V Equipment Maintenance System ????????1. The safety leadership group insists on holding a safety meeting once a month, and the specific staff insists on checking the ray device once a day to strengthen sanitation and management to keep the ray device in good operation. ????????2. Precautions for strict maintenance, report equipment failures in time and prevent use immediately. ????????3. If an accident occurs on the equipment, a professional or equipment manufacturer should be invited to carry out maintenance, establish equipment maintenance and repair records, and have dedicated personnel in charge. ??????? ????????Chapter VI Staff Training System ????????1. Unit leaders should attach great importance to the daily management of operators, attach great importance to thinking and understanding, and arrange some workers with excellent thinking, outstanding ability, and serious responsibility in radioactive work positions. ????????2. Adhere to organizational learning, and rectify problems in the process of actual operation in a timely manner, effectively improve the level of operators using and inspecting equipment, and prevent accidents. ????????3. Commendation and rewards are given to employees with a high level of operation, and appropriate rewards are given to those who fail to meet the post requirements, and they must not be engaged in this post to ensure safety. ??????? ????????Chapter VII Monitoring Plan ????????In the daily work in the future, the unit must strengthen the personal dose monitoring of medical staff, conduct radiation protection tests regularly or irregularly, and entrust the environmental protection department to supervise and monitor.
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