Protective measures for electroslag welding

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-02-20
It is undeniable that the biggest threat in the welding process is injury to human eyes, and the most harmful method is electroslag welding. Therefore, during the entire welding process, welding protective glasses must be worn in strict accordance with the requirements. Remove it halfway and cause injury. During electroslag welding, in order to prevent hazardous gas (HF) poisoning accidents, burn accidents and electric shocks, the following precautions should be taken: ? ??① Select a low content of flux. Electroslag welding work area should have measures to eliminate harmful gas. Electroslag welding structure should try to avoid workers operating in a narrow space. For poorly ventilated structures, open exhaust holes and enter half a person. When operating in a closed cylinder or system, the time must not be too long, and someone should answer outside. ? ??② Strictly inspect the weldment for defects such as shrinkage before welding. If it is to be cleaned, electroslag welding can be performed after welding repair. The flux should be dried and the water supply system should be carefully checked. ? ??③ To improve the quality of assembly, the workpiece should be assembled according to the process requirements. The water-cooled forming slider must be tightly attached to the workpiece. The correct process parameters should be selected to maintain the stability of the electroslag welding process. ? ??④Operators should avoid touching the electrodes when they are electrified. When they need to be touched when they are electrified, they should wear dry leather gloves, and the spanner used in electroslag welding should be insulated with black tape. ? ??⑤ Wear protective masks and other items properly. The operator is not allowed to touch the two-phase electrodes at the same time under the charged condition.
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