Proper use of labor protection equipment

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-10
???????1. The role of personal protective equipment In order to protect workers from occupational hazards, it is necessary to constantly change the process and improve the production process during the production process. When the working conditions cannot be improved from the equipment, personal protective equipment is used as the main protection against occupational hazards. 2. Precautions for the use of personal protective equipment (1) Selection of protective equipment According to the protection requirements, the correct selection of products that meet the requirements must not be wrong or will be used, especially the filter type respiratory protector can not replace the isolated respiratory protector. ⑵ Education and training of users Education on the use of personal protective equipment should be strengthened so that they can fully understand the purpose and significance of the use and use it seriously. For articles with more complicated structures and methods of use, such as breathing protectors, repeated training should be carried out so that they can be correctly put on, removed, and used, and are used to the resistance of breathing protectors. ⑶Maintenance Ear plugs, masks, masks, etc. should be washed with soap and water, disinfected with chemicals, and dried. The filter material of the purifying breathing protector should be replaced regularly, and the passage of the medicine tank should be blocked when not in use to prevent failure. Work clothes to prevent skin contamination should be washed immediately after use. ⑷Issuance of protective equipment The workshop should establish a distribution station or set up a special person to be responsible for management. Its responsibility is to distribute clean and effective protective equipment, collect used protective equipment for maintenance, and ensure that personal protective equipment can fully exert its effectiveness. 3. Protective clothing: heat-resistant clothing 4. Protective mask and glasses: protective mask and glasses 5. Protective respirator: filter type respiratory protector, isolation (air supply) type respiratory protector 6. Protective gloves and ointment: gloves, protective plaster film 7. Ear protectors: earplugs, earmuffs
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