RHP2 600-700nm OD6+ - 650nm Red Laser Safety Glasses

  • Typical laser wavelength: 635nm & 650nm & 694nm
  • Visible light transmittance: 30%
  • Optical Density: OD6+ @ 600 – 700nm
  • L-Rating: 620 – 700nm DIR LB5
  • Scope of Application: Red Laser Protection, Ruby Laser Protection
  • Style: 4 styles to meet the needs of different people

Usage Scenarios

  • These laser safety glasses mainly protect the laser wavelength: 600-700nm OD6+, Lasers of this wavelength are mostly red, visible to the naked eye.
  • laser safety glasses are a coated scratch-proof polycarbonate laser filter, visible light transmittance reaches 30%
  • Laser type: red lasers, ruby laser

Protect your eyes

  • LaserPair recommends that you wear laser safety glasses when the laser class is greater than Class 1
  • Choose different laser safety glasses according to different laser wavelengths and working environments


  • We provide professional eye protection services for laser technicians in industrial laser, laser medical, laser military, and scientific research fields.
  • All our laser glasses are fully compliant with laser safety standards and for Europe EN207 certified
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