35205 Multi Wavelength Laser Safety Glasses

product name:35205 multi wavelength laser safety glasses
Safety Products:Glasses and Goggles
Laser Category:Infrared (IR) Laser
Laser:Nd:YAG – 1064nm,Eurbium YAG – 2780 nm, 2940 nm,1319 nm,1540 nm,Holmium YAG – 2100 nm,Telecom Lasers
Diode Laser Safety Glasses:Diode 980 nm
Optical Density (OD) Specification:OD 5+ @ 950-1000 nm OD 7+ @ 1000-1600 nm OD 5+ @ 1600-2400 nm OD 4+ @ 2400-2900 nm OD 5+ @ 2900-10600 nm

35205 Multi Wavelength Laser Safety Glasses

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