Please pay attention to the use of laser glasses

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-19
The use of diverse types of data is very important in our days, then we should understand that we have not really clearly understood the characteristics of these diversified materials in many, many hours, and the main thing is to face these diversified data. The use of data, we must be the most familiar is the laser, the appearance of laser material equipment has changed our lives to a great extent, but in the view of our laser protective glasses, this material has brought us a lot Serious injury! ? Laser is an application of optical principles, but how exactly can it be converted from general light to laser? Laser protective glasses inform you that you need to understand the principle of atomic light emission. When an atom falls from a high energy level to a low energy level, it emits a photon called spontaneous emission. When an atom is hit by a photon at a high energy level, it will be excited and emit another same photon, which becomes two photons, called stimulated emission. If the process of stimulated light emission continues, more and more photons will be emitted. As long as we control the number of atoms in the high energy level to be higher than the number of atoms in the lower energy level, the process of stimulated light emission will continue to occur. We call it the 'optical amplifier'. The original laser is not to be ignored in the day, but it is extremely important. Our first question is that when we use laser-type data materials, we cannot ignore the harm caused by laser material data. Laser is the most important and common in our life, we can't treat it in the face of laser.
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