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by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-19
???In the past, there has always been a lot of whimsy, not to mention the research and application of many and many unique materials. Then we should clearly and clearly find that we have never stopped the use of diversified material information in our lives. In the view of our laser protective glasses, we must not be rusty about the application characteristics and application significance of the laser. In practice, the laser has helped us deal with a lot of questions to a large extent, redefining many traditional and inefficient operations. . The laser is really a good thing, but we have to understand that it is precisely because of the laser that we have also formed a lot of damage to our environment. ? ????One is to determine which grade of laser protective glasses to choose. Laser protective glasses are roughly divided into two categories: imported and domestic. According to the certification, it can be divided into CE certified (CECerti ? ed) and non-certified products. According to the protection level, it can be divided into OD1 + to OD7 + and other levels. For details, please refer to the article 'Safety Levels and Specifications of Laser Protective Glasses' For most applications, we recommend the use of products with CE certification, and recommend the selection of products with the highest protection level OD7 +. Of course, for some ultrafast lasers, such as fs lasers, we also need to refer to more parameters of the protection level. Second, according to the occasion of operation, make a request for visible light transmittance of laser protective glasses. Because laser goggles have excellent protection against lasers, they also block part of the visible light. Most users expect a higher visible light transmittance, such as VLT 50%, which is convenient for direct investigation of laser experiment fantasy or laser processing process, without the need to add additional auxiliary light sources; there are also a few users who request a lower visible light transmittance, such In some cases where the visible light is too strong, it is recommended to use the type with a transmission rate of 50% or even 30% to achieve the best effect of maintaining eyes. ??Laser has now become the most widely used and most widely used new element data in our days. The laser material information that we can use is not just a simple and easy thing in life. The laser may be simpler and safer in the hearing of many people. The practice is not the case. If we are using laser material In the course of the question, it will be very simple to damage us, and the damage caused by this laser substance is still irreversible. Once we have been damaged by the laser, it is almost impossible to recover.
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