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How to choose laser safety glasses

November 5, 2021

Latest company news about How to choose laser safety glasses

So how should we choose laser safety glasses? The primary safety levels of laser goggles in the world are ANSI Z136 and CE EN207.

Safety levels and bars and the most crucial guidance criteria for the selection of laser goggles, in addition to the UV safety certification, can also consider the following points:

1, laser parameters: output wavelength (whether multiple wavelengths), pulse width, power density.

2, the Optical Density of laser goggles (OD): the more significant the OD value, the stronger the protection ability of laser protective glasses.,

3, visible light transmittance, the higher the transmittance, the better the visual view. The transmittance of some laser protective glasses will be less than 20%, or even to about 10%. At this time, additional auxiliary lighting should be considered.

4, the style of laser goggles: laser goggles can worn on the outside of the myopia glasses; the size of the laser goggles is appropriate, whether the laser goggles can effectively block the reflection and refraction light from all directions.

latest company news about How to choose laser safety glasses  0

a. What is wavelength?

What is wavelength? Lasers have the same wavelength as ordinary light, ranging from infrared to ultraviolet light. Wavelengths are on the order of a few thousand nanometers or less. The closer you go to ultraviolet light, the shorter the wavelength of a laser, which can be hundreds of nanometers or more minor.

b. What is OD (Optical Density)?

What is optical density? A complex property of a material that slows down the propagation of light and produces a refraction effect.

c. What is transmittance?

What is transmittance? In the incident light flux leaving from the incident surface or the incident surface of the medium to the other side, the ratio of the radiant energy projected and passing through the object to the total radiant energy projected on the object is called the transmittance of the thing.

d. Choose laser safety glasses according to the actual working environment

According to the actual working environment to choose laser safety glasses. Laser goggles: attenuation or absorption of laser energy, mainly used in laser processing, optical laboratories, and other workplaces.

Through the above introduction, I believe that you understand laser safety glasses and can choose their laser safety glasses according to their actual situation. Finally, warm tips, eyes are our most vulnerable parts, pay attention not to use eyes too much.

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