Misunderstanding about the laser energy density

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-14
???? Recently, some customers need laser protection products, the laser power is 5W, the beam diameter is 1.2mm, and some suppliers use the formula of energy density = laser power / spot area to substitute the laser power and the diameter of light speed to calculate the energy density of 442W / cm2 Recommend customers to choose hard protective screen, which is obviously wrong. If customers choose this type, it will greatly increase the cost. ???? In fact, the laser energy density will attenuate sharply as the distance increases. At the same time, the beam divergence angle and the influence of the loss factor caused by various attenuations such as the atmosphere must also be considered. The actual is far less than 442W / cm2! The calculation process is too complicated, it is a very professional task, such as consulting a professional laser laboratory charges tens of thousands. ???? Although there are many domestic suppliers of laser protection products, there are only a few companies that master the calculation of laser energy density, and we are one of them. Purchase laser protection products must find a professional supplier, in order to avoid unnecessary expenditure and security risks.
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