Laser safety inspection items and standards

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-15
With the continuous development of the laser industry, more and more industries are beginning to use laser technology. The majority of users urgently need authoritative and fair third parties to be able to test and certify the laser products and equipment supplied by Party B to ensure their safety; and Party B also An authoritative and impartial endorsement of third-party certification is urgently needed to enhance its market competitiveness. To this end, Henai launched laser safety inspection and certification services, and the third parties it cooperates with have three authoritative certifications of CAL, CMA, and CNAS. Related standards: * General standards: national standard GB7247.1-2012, IEC standard IEC60825, EU EN60825 and US ANSI-Z136.1; * Product standards: GB / T7247.14-2012, GJB1762-1993, GB / T18151-2008, EN207, EN208, EN12254: 2010, IEC60825-4: 2006, ANSI-Z136.7, etc .; ? main project: * GB7247.1 (EN60825-1) standard optical density test certification for laser safety room and laser safety room; * Laser damage threshold detection, GB7247.4 (EN60825-4) Class 4 laser detection, laser penetration test of materials; * Laser irradiation safety test (lidar test, laser intelligent equipment test); ? ??CAL: The certification symbol of the quality supervision and inspection agency. The quality and technical supervision department shall, in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, rationally plan and define the scope of the inspection task for the inspection agency authorized or set up according to law to undertake product quality inspection work, and shall notarize After the assessment with the technical ability, it is allowed to undertake the administrative act of legal product quality inspection. ??CMA: China's measurement certification symbol, the testing agency that has obtained the measurement certification qualification certificate, allows it to use the CMA mark on the inspection report; the inspection report with the CMA mark can be used for product quality evaluation, results and judicial identification, with legal effect. ??CNAS: The certification symbol of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment is a national accreditation body established and authorized by the National Certification and Accreditation Administration Commission in accordance with the 'Regulations of the People ’s Republic of China on Accreditation and Accreditation' and is responsible for the certification body, laboratory and inspection The accreditation work of institutions and other relevant institutions. China's national accreditation system for conformity assessment has been integrated into the international mutual recognition system.
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