Laser protective glasses prevent laser damage

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-14
Direct laser irradiation can cause acute eye damage. The laser beam can focus on the retina to form a very small light spot, which can burn the retina, resulting in visual impairment such as shadows and glare. In severe cases, it can cause blindness. Chronic laser irradiation can also cause chronic eye damage. People who have been working in lasers for a long time will have dry eyes, pain, fatigue, blurred vision, reduced vision, conjunctival hyperemia, corneal punctate coloration, and increased incidence of crystal opacity . The most effective way to prevent laser damage to the eyes is to wear laser protective glasses. ???Industrial lasers are used for cutting, micro-welding, drilling, etc. of metal and plastic parts, such as ribbon slitting in the cultural and educational sports goods manufacturing industry, laser resistance adjustment in the electronic and communications equipment manufacturing industry, instrumentation and other measuring instruments manufacturing industry Laser scales, etc .; laser protective glasses for laser operation are necessary protective equipment. Military use for high-capacity communication technology, ranging, tracking, missile guidance, etc .; scientific research, for trace element analysis, plasma research, thermonuclear engineering control, holography, atmospheric pollution measurement, geological survey, etc .; medical use Lasers are used in ophthalmology for retinal detachment repair, iris resection, vitreous emulsification, and dermatology and surgery. During the use of laser, be sure to wear laser protective glasses and do eye protection safety. Laser applications have now entered people's daily lives, such as beauty manicures, concerts, large-scale event laser irradiation lights, lectures, and even children's toys will use laser pointers, etc., these will pose a threat to human eye damage, so we In daily life, it is also necessary to strengthen personal protection, wear laser protective glasses, strictly prohibit the naked eye from viewing the laser beam, and strictly prevent direct laser light or reflection from the eyes.
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