Introduction of protective glasses lens coating color

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-02-26
The lens color of protective glasses varies, which is related to the color of their coatings, and this has a huge relationship with the protective effect of protective glasses. Because the protective effect of protective glasses is the lenses of protective glasses, so think Knowledge of protective glasses requires knowledge of the lens coating of protective glasses. Special lenses for protective glasses ? High refractive lens: High refractive lens has stronger refractive power, lighter and thinner lens. When the diopter exceeds 4D, this lens is recommended. ? Color-changing lenses: Color-changing lenses are special lenses for displays and have anti-glare function. Light-shielding filter materials with a light transmittance of less than 80% are not suitable for use at dawn, dusk or night. ? Protective glasses ? Transparent lens: It has high-strength impact resistance and 100% UV protection. ? Amber lenses: Light yellow filters blue light in visible light and improves contrast. ? Light amber lenses: the human eye feels comfortable. Improves contrast, especially for short-wavelength beam ranges. ? Gray lens: Gray lens is a sunglasses lens, which can filter the strong sunlight and does not affect the identification of bright colors. ? Brown lenses: Provide glare protection and increase general protection. ? Orange lens: Orange lens can protect workers' glasses and can be worn for a long time. ? UV green lens: can filter part of the visible light beam, provide glare protection, comply with EN166 and EN170 standards. ? Blue lenses: Light blue makes the eyes feel comfortable and relaxed, which is especially suitable for some workplaces with more concentrated eye requirements. ? Welded green lens: Filter all beams generated by gas welding, such as UV beam, IR beam, visible glare. The protection level is determined according to different working environments. All welded lenses are made of polycarbonate, and the outer layer is coated. Compared with glass lenses and film lenses, they have better impact resistance, which minimizes the risk of welding sparks and meets EN166 and EN170 standards.
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