How to wear protective glasses?

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-26
Safety protective glasses, also known as labor protection glasses, are divided into safety protective glasses and protective masks. Safety glasses are a kind of glasses that play a special role, and the glasses with different needs in different occasions are used. So, what is the way to wear protective glasses? How to wear protective glasses: (1) Select and wear eyeglasses of appropriate size to prevent them from falling off and shaking during operation and affecting the use effect. (2) The spectacle frame and the face should match to avoid side light leakage. If necessary, use glasses with eye protection or anti-sidelight type. (3) Protect the face mask and glasses from moisture and pressure to avoid deformation, damage or light leakage. The welding mask should be insulated to prevent electric shock. (4) When working with face mask goggles, replace the protective sheet at least once in a total of 8 hours. When the filter of the protective glasses is damaged by the splash, it should be replaced in time. (5) When the protective sheet and the filter are used in combination, the refractive power of the lens must be the same. (6) For air-supply welding masks with dustproof and anti-toxic masks, they should be maintained and used in strict accordance with relevant regulations. (7) When the lens of the mask is covered by the moist smoke of the working environment and the moisture exhaled by the operator, causing water mist to affect the operation, the following measures can be taken to solve: ①Water film diffusion method. Apply fatty acid or silica gel anti-fog agent to the lens to spread the water mist evenly. ② Water absorption method. Dip-coat a surfactant (PC resin) on the lens to absorb the attached water mist. ③ Vacuum method. For some face masks with double-glazed window structure, the method of evacuating between two layers of glass can be adopted.
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