How to tell the authenticity of welding glasses

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-24
Personal protective equipment is a measure to prevent accidents and occupational diseases in the production of employees. Proper use and management of personal protective equipment is an important content and purpose of enterprise labor protection work. So, how to distinguish the authenticity of welding glasses? Although the price of protective glasses is not expensive, it is generally required in large quantities, and the protective glasses with qualified quality have strong safety protection performance and long service life. Identify the authenticity of welding glasses: One. The weight of the alloy frame is usually about 8.9g / cm3 by hand. The specific gravity of the pure titanium frame is 4.5g / cm3. Because the titanium material is equivalent to half of the alloy frame, it is lighter by hand. This is one of the simple ways to distinguish between titanium and non-titanium frames. 2. Observe the welding points of the nose pad stem and nose pad box. The welding of pure titanium material is oxygen-free butt welding, and the welding mark is 'step' shape; the welding of alloy material is spot welding, and the welding mark is 'slope' shape. This is One of the effective methods to distinguish between titanium and non-titanium frames, all-titanium and non-titanium frames. 3. Observe the hinge joints, whether there is a gasket pure titanium frame in the hinge part should not make titanium and titanium directly contact, otherwise it is easy to appear wrinkles at the joint, and the temples are not smooth. Usually two thin shims are mounted on the hinge part of the pure titanium mirror to separate the upper and lower hinges. Therefore, checking whether there is a gasket at the hinge is also a good way to identify whether it is a pure titanium frame. Looking at the hinge joint from the inside of the frame, you will find a small groove, which is a special design that facilitates the removal of the gasket. 4. Use the magnet as a magnetic reaction to loosen the hinge of the frame as much as possible, and use the magnet to attract in the free movement state. If the temple is swayed under the attraction of the magnet, it means that the frame is not pure titanium material, otherwise the frame It may be a titanium frame. In summary, it is not enough to simply judge whether the frame material is pure titanium from the mark, but also to carry out a comprehensive evaluation in combination with the above methods, so as to identify the authenticity of the pure titanium frame. Precautions when using protective glasses: The protective glasses are mostly made of glass material, and care should be taken to avoid impact cracking. In the presence of high-speed splash operations, the lens may be broken and damage the eyes. Precautions must be taken, such as adding a layer of metal mesh to the lens. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent the damage of the frame and the wear of the lens, and put it in the box when not in use. The anti-radiation lens contains lead ions, which are easily oxidized to milky white, which affects the transmittance and should be replaced in time. The anti-laser glasses are marked with the optical density value and wavelength to be protected, and should not be misused.
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