How to tell if a pair of glasses has radiation protection

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-02-21
Radiation surrounds us all the time. Whether it is radiation from computer products such as computer phones or radiation due to sunlight, it will cause certain damage to our health. The most severe damage belongs to glasses. In this case, It is necessary to use radiation protection glasses reasonably to protect our glasses. ??Anti-radiation spectacle lenses contain anti-radiation substances, which can absorb low-frequency radiation microwaves and eliminate the symptoms of potential fever, headache, tiredness, dryness and so on caused by electromagnetic wave radiation. ? ??It has different penetrating and absorbing functions for different light, which can resist reflection and anti-glare. The user obviously feels clear and natural after wearing. ? ??It is especially suitable for computer workers, people who watch TV, play video games, etc. It can effectively prevent harmful light from damaging your eyes and always protect your vision health. ? ??Identification of radiation protection glasses ? ??Because the surface of the radiation protection spectacle lens is coated with a colored radiation protection film layer, the film layer has blue, green, gold and the like. The blue-green coating layer belongs to the ordinary anti-radiation coating. The anti-radiation effect can reach about 50% according to national testing, and the high anti-gold coating uses special silver oxide, which can reach 90% according to national testing. ? ??Wear it on the spot and look at the computer to see those different feelings. For example: if you look at the computer without wearing any radiation protection glasses, you will feel that the display is particularly dazzling and slightly jerky. If you wear radiation protection glasses, you will obviously feel clear and natural.
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