How to prevent the harm of radio frequency radiation?

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-07
According to the actual protection effect of some factories, the most important thing is to shield the electromagnetic field radiation source, followed by increasing the operating distance, shortening the working time and strengthening personal protection. (1) Field source shielding uses possible methods to limit electromagnetic energy in a prescribed space and prevent its spread. First of all, we must look for shielded radiation sources, such as high-frequency induction heating medium. The electromagnetic field radiation sources are oscillating capacitor bank, high-frequency transformer, induction coil, feeder and working electrode. In another example, the main radiation source of high-frequency quenching is a high-frequency transformer, the radiation source of melting is an induction furnace, and the source of bonded plastic is a working electrode. Generally, the oscillation circuit system is in the casing. As long as the grounding is good, the field strength emitted is generally small without opening the casing. The shielding material should be selected from metal materials such as copper and aluminum, and the absorption and reflection of metals can be used to reduce the electromagnetic field strength at the operation site. The shield should be well grounded to avoid becoming a secondary radiation source. Most of the microwave radiation leaks from the magnetron, speed governor, and waveguide in the machine due to poor shielding or loose connection. Therefore, microwave equipment should have a good shielding device. (2) Long-distance operation When it is difficult to shield the radiation source, automatic or semi-automatic long-distance operation may be used. There are obvious signs around the field source, and no person is allowed to approach. According to the directional point of microwave emission, the work place should be placed at the location with the smallest radiation intensity to avoid working directly in front of the radiation flow. (3) Personal protection When it is difficult to take other measures, you can wear special protective coats and glasses for short-time work. (4) Sanitation standards my country's 'High Frequency Radiation Sanitation Standards' stipulates the electric field strength and magnetic field strength respectively: High frequency radiation (frequency 100 kHz to 30 MHz) electric field strength 20 V / m, magnetic field strength 5 A / m. The 'Interim Sanitary Standards for Microwave Radiation' promulgated by the Ministry of Electronics provides: 1) Working 8 hours a day, the continuous radiation intensity should not exceed 38 microwatts / square centimeter; 2) The total daily dose should not exceed 300 microwatts per square centimeter; 3) It is not allowed to work in a 5 mW / cm2 radiation environment.
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